Welcome to Geunja Sami Ecolodge! We would love to give you a deeper understanding and connection with the Swedish indigenous people. Our Sami cultural heritage, landscape and traditions - all linked together for a richer life.

In a way you could describe Geunja as a magical place, a Wonderland of the mountains, the grand escape where you lose track of time and space. The rest of the world could be destroyed in a holocaust, for all we know; all of us are present in the moment and that is all that matters.

Find harmony in Geunja Sami Ecolodge. Take part in the everyday life, listen to Sami storytelling in the goathie. Enjoy life at the fullest, without electricity and cell phone.

During 30 years, Mikael and his family has invited people to his home Vindelfjällen. Today he welcomes a small number of guests to his Sami Ecolodge Geunja in Ammarnäs. According to some people, the mountain village of Ammarnäs is where the road ends, but, depending on who you're asking, it could also be where everything starts! meetings and conference

Find your way to Geunja by  boat, canoe or by foot. During wintertime snowmobiltransport or by skiis. 

 You will come to Geunja looking for a richer lifestyle. You will be living without electricity - without missing it

Stay in a traditional Sami goathie (wooden teepe) or in a  timbered sami ecolodge comfortable between sheets.  

"Geunja is not a place, it is a sustainable, eco-friendly, adventerous, fulfilling way of life"

Food Trips in Sapmi, with taste sensations such as Ajjas long pickled trout, freshly caught trout, smoked reindeer, herbs and berries

Join a Wildlife Safari into Vindelfjällen one of Europe 's largest protected area.  

Arctic Fox hike in Sápmi!  Visit a den with hopefully some arctic foxes and at the same time be a part of a helping hand for nature and culture conservation. 

Hiking & fishingGreen soft adventures such as hiking along the King´s trail and canoeing. Also customize fly-fishing along streams and in mountain lakes. 

Old objects can tell a story. They tell their stories by the way they were used, how they were held, where they are worn and how they are crafted.

Discover the silence and freedom far away from cell phones and other "techno stress" Curious to know more?