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Geunja is not a place, it is a sustainable, eco-friendly, adventerous, fulfilling way of life!

For the surrounding nature and wildlife to remain as untouched as possible, Geunja only welcomes 12 groups of guests a year an maximum 12 guests each time.

Geunja all year round

Geunja Sami Ecolodge includes

  • Overnights in one Sami ecolodge with 6 beds
  • Full board including breakfast,  lunch or packed lunch and dinner with local food
  • Sami host / hostess
  • Welcome drinks and snacks
  • Possibility to sleep in a Sami goathie, a "teepee", on a bed of reindeer hides using sleeping bags
  • Sami Culture, crafts and storytelling
  • Daily guided tours - Experience-based learning
  • Wood fired sauna, including towel
  • Take part in the daily life at the lodge
  • Canoes including lifejacket and paddle
  • Boat and snowscooterransport to and from Geunja

Price example per person; 3 days and 2 nights:13 000 SEK

Example of a daily activities that can be included; Go on excursions looking for the arctic fox. Your host Mikael Vinka has helped the arctic fox project since a decade, with his knowledge about the mountains and the wildlife. Everything is done from a sustainable distance not to disturb the foxesOther example se day trips below

Additional charge: Extra night 6500 sek per person 

Rentel Snowscooter:

Stay overnight in a traditional Sami goathie "teepee", were the fire is the residences crystal chandelier. 

  • Overnight in a Sami goathie "teepee" on a bed of reindeer skins using a sleeping bag 
  • Breakfast in the goathie
  • Sami storytelling

Price:1995;-SEK per person/night

You can also combined it with our guided tours. se below

Day trips

Mikael is also offering day trips. A guided tour give a better understanding and connecting with the local people, landscape and culture. All day trips presented here are baased on a minimum of two people. The starting point for our soft eco adventures is Tjulträsk. It can also be arranged from the villages in Ammarnäs.  

The most famous and longest trail in Sweden is the ’King’s Trail or Kungsleden. You cane start or end your Kungsleden hike with a beautiful boat trip along the valley of Tjulträsk (to and from Ammarnäs).


3-4 hour Sami Culture, buildings, and mythology

Sitting together in the traditional Sami goathie, a ” wooden teepee". During the telling we enjoy traditionellt boiled coffee over opened fire, a lovely gahkku, a special Sami bread with culinary ingrediens. Telling about the sami culture today and yesterday

Price: 995 SEK/person. Local sami guide, boat transfer, coffee, sami culinary  light lunch or snack

6 hours  - Easy walk & Sami storytelling

A short walk in the birch forest nearby Geunja. Learn about different Sami medicinala and  edible plants. Traditional Sami lunch over an open fire. Mikael ends the day with a Sami storytelling and show. What makes this showing remarkable is that Sami culture and history is so very present.

Price1995 SEK/person.Sami guide, boat transfer, sami culinary light lunch or evening snack

6 hours - Hiking along old sami and reindeer trails  

Follow Mikael on hiking along a thousand year old reindeer trails. From the mountain tops we have a beautiful view down over the delta of meandering streams and a magnificent mountain scenery . Todays lunch will be served outdoor. Totally 6-8 km hiking.

Price1995 SEK/person. Sami guide, boat transfer, sami culinary light lunch or evening snack

4 hours - Wild watching in the arctic summer night

Guided boat trip into the beautiful delta with a unique bird and animal life. A fantastic area for wild watching for beavers, otters, reindeer and moose. If we are lucky we might see one of the predators. 

Price:1995 SEK/person. Sami guide, boat transfer, sami culinary light lunch or evening snack

Booking & information

Please send a message and I will get back to you as soon as I'm back from the mountain.

Vårradahkh / Best Regards 

Mikael Vinka

 How to get to Geunja in Vindelfjällen Ammarnäs

scooter transport



Transfer between Arvidsjaur Airport and Sorsele. A comfortable taxi will take you all the way to the village of Sorsele. You can book the taxi as soon as you book your flight, but make sure to book it no later than the day before the flight. For more information and booking, send an email to or call +46(0)952-120 00. List the number of passengers, namnes and flight, as well as a mobil phone number